Our Specialties

All areas of accounting, with a focus on

Full Representation in Tax Authorities

We offer comprehensive representation services for owners of companies, public bodies, and individuals. This includes representing you in assessment discussions, appearing before tax and VAT officials, providing legal assistance, and collaborating closely with lawyers on your behalf. We also handle claims for national insurance and income tax refunds, and specialize in providing expert opinions to courts.

Annual Audit

Our experienced team conducts thorough and compliant audits, preparing annual reports in accordance with all required regulations. Whether you are a limited company, non-profit organization, cooperative society, or local committee, we ensure accurate and reliable reporting. We provide valuable advice to shareholders regarding profit generation and share management. Additionally, we prepare activity reports for investors and submit requirements for recognition as a preferred factory or beneficiary area A.

Tailored Support and Advice for New Business Setup

Understanding your unique personal and business characteristics, we assist you in setting up your new business within the appropriate legal framework. This includes determining the ideal business structure, such as exempt/licensed dealer, limited liability company, association, or partnership. We help construct a solid workflow framework, prepare initial business plans, and provide support in obtaining necessary financing. We also handle the opening and ongoing management of your business with the relevant tax authorities.

Payroll Services

Our comprehensive payroll services cover all types of employment, including foreign workers. We handle monthly salary preparation and manage income tax and national insurance deductions on a monthly and annual basis. Our expertise extends to labor law compliance, pension and compensation provisions, and offering ongoing advice on wage clauses within employment contracts.


We provide full-service accounting for businesses and legal entities, ensuring accurate and organized financial records. Our services encompass cash flow reporting, comprehensive management of bank accounts, supplier and customer accounts, monthly payment processing for suppliers and employees, and meticulous tracking of all business income and expenses. We also deliver management reports tailored to your specific needs and timelines.


Annual Reports for Self-Employed Individuals

For self-employed professionals, we prepare detailed and comprehensive annual reports. We conduct a thorough examination of tax returns within the capital market, analyze your business situation, and evaluate National Insurance payments across various insurance aspects. Additionally, we prepare annual reports for shareholders of limited companies.

Capital Statements

We specialize in creating complex capital statements that include both domestic and international assets. Our team represents you closely during valuation discussions, ensuring accurate capital comparisons and addressing any unreasonable changes identified by appraisers. We also provide precise asset registration services, particularly for cases involving wills and inheritances.

International Investments

With expertise in international investment matters, we offer professional guidance and taxation support for Israeli investments in the US and Europe. We also assist US citizens with their investments in Israel, including comprehensive services related to real estate. Additionally, we provide financial guidance for working with foreign banks and expert advice on international money transfers and goods.

Voluntary Disclosure in the US for US Citizens

We assess the feasibility and legal implications of reporting requirements and offer detailed support in executing voluntary disclosure processes for Israelis holding American citizenship. Our services extend to submitting the necessary annual reports to US authorities and settling debts for limited companies, partnerships, and individuals.

Our Vision

Established in 2015 by accountants Meir Keller and Itamar Cohen, Keller & Cohen Accounting Firm is driven by a clear vision. Our primary objective is to equip business owners with the essential tools they need to achieve utmost personal and business success. We firmly believe that when clients have a single trusted source that provides comprehensive and precise solutions for all their needs, their businesses flourish and thrive. With our professional expertise and personalized service, we cater to clients worldwide, working closely with Roy Account, banks, and entrepreneurs across Dubai, the United States, Europe, Russia, and South America.

 By meticulously analyzing the specific requirements of each client and their unique business aspects on both national and global levels, we deliver the most effective and customized solutions. Our support enables clients to concentrate on what truly matters to them and excel in their core areas of expertise. With a calm approach to accounting, taxation, and cash flows, we pave the way to business success. Your success is our success!

Personalized Understanding

Accurately capturing the distinctive goals and attributes of your business

Collaborative Partnership

Establishing consistent and ongoing communication to facilitate productive joint work

Strategic Decision-Making

Providing precise answers and effective analysis to drive accurate and successful outcomes

Embracing Progress

Enabling you to focus on your core strengths as we propel you towards success

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